Beijing has a wealth of historical sites including natural wonders, museums, royal private mansions and gardens, Chinese villages and religious sites.

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Imperial College Lama Temple
Cuandixia Village Ancient Cliff House (Guyaju)
Dajue Temple Yunju Temple
Hongluo Temple Yinshan Pagoda Forest
Yuan Dynasty City Wall Relics Zhangfang Ancient Battle Tunnel

Museums in Beijing are places to get a glimpse of the origin of the Chinese people, the history of China and Chinese culture, including architecture, printing, painting and other aspects.

Peking Man Site China Bee Museum
Museum of Dabaotai Han Tomb China Printing Museum
Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum Xu Beihong Museum

Mountains and Forest Parks
In the west and south of Beijing, mountains offer beautiful natural scenery in a bountiful and gracious manner. Luxuriant trees, tall or short, form many natural forest parks and scenic areas with pure water and fresh air. Really great places to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and clear one's mind!

Fragrant Hills Park Yunmengshan Forest Park
Baihua Mountain Baiwangshan Forest Park
Baiquan Mountain Shangfangshan Forest Park
Lingshan Mountain Yingshan Forest Park
Yunfeng Mountain Xiaolongmen Forest Park
Yougushentan Scenic Area Jiufeng Forest Park
Laoxiangfeng Scenic Area Jiangjuntuo Scenic Area

Valleys and Gullies, Caves
Due to its mountainous landform, Beijing is riddled with numerous valleys, gullies and gorges in its western area. The brooks trickle through the glens, majestic waterfalls rush down from atop, and bird songs occasionally break the silence of the woods. Caves seem to be playing 'hide-and-seek' while the wonders of nature unfold inside.

Longqing Gorge Longmen Gully
Taoyuan Fairy Valley Hu Dong Shui Valley
Tiger Valley Shentang Valley
Qingliang Valley Duijiu Valley
Xianqi Cave Jiudaowan Canyon
Shihua Cave Longxian Palace

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